What are auditions?

Wikipedia says: "An audition is a sample performance (...). It typically involves the performer displaying their talent through a previously memorized and rehearsed solo piece or by performing a work or piece given to the performer at the audition or shortly before."

In our case we'll send you a short monologue to prepare for the audition (no need to memorize it) and then have you read a scene or two from plays we might put on in the near future.


Where and when are the auditions again?

By appointment only - and usually at the following address:

Mat Braun - Knausstrasse 4 - Wiesbaden


Can I bring someone along?

Of course!


What production will I be auditioning for?

You won't actually be auditioning for a specific production but to become a member of our ensemble of talented volunteers. 


What does it mean to be a part of the KRT ensemble?

In short: it means we'd like to work with you. It doesn't mean that you'd be automatically cast for the next production. Or the one after that. Or after that. Or... you get the point. Basically, the KRT ensemble is the group of actors and actresses we have in mind when we're looking for material or when we're writing new scripts. Who gets cast in the end largely depends on the needs of the specific production and the ensemble's availability. 


Am I going to get paid?



How big of a commitment is KRT?

We put on about six new productions a year. Usually there are nine rehearsals spread over three weeks (no weekend rehearsals!) and one performance weekend (Friday & Saturday). You're not expected to make yourself available for every show!


What should I show at the auditions?

  • Versatility and variety

We're not looking for the girl to play the ingenue and the guy to play the leading man. We're looking for the actor or actress who could play the ingenue, the hero, the vamp, the cranky old cop, the queen, the gruesome pirate, the malicious ruler of Mars, the scientific mastermind, a Dalek, an amoeba, AND any other part we could come up with.  

You should be able to play those parts with an American, a British, a Russian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, German or Norwegian accent.

And of course with different voices: low, high, falsetto, nasal, breathy, throaty, lisping, etc... Oh, and cartwheels. Cartwheels are always fun. And juggling... No mimes though. We hate mimes. 

  • Courage and commitment

If you have been to one of our shows you already know: things that go wrong usually get the biggest laughs. So whether the accent you're supposed to do is barely recognizable, you have a costume malfunction or you accidentally drop your script - don't panic, push through and fail big!  

  • "Radio" acting

Can't be too hard - you just stand in front of a microphone and read your lines; don't even have to memorize any text. Easy! Well... Not really. The thing about live radio theater is that it looks easy. And it is supposed to look easy. But it really isn't.

When you're in a stage play most of the time you don't even have to think about adapting your voice to what you're doing. Your line will come out differently whether you whisper it in someone's ear, or shout it across the stage, or say it as you collapse after being shot. In radio theater, all that has to happen in your head while you're standing at the microphone, holding your script. 

So don't just read, act!

  • Take directions

Don't let it throw you when we ask you to change your character, voice or accent. It doesn't mean you did anything wrong. We just have to see how you take directions - and if you're able to make changes to your reading on the spot.


I have no experience, can only do one accent and don't think I can do different voices - should I still audition?

Well, we won't know until you try. And even if you don't make it into our ensemble now, there is always a tiny little chance we might need someone like you in the future. But if you don't audition, we won't know you're there!


Will the auditions be fun or are you going to give me a hard time and make me cry?

We haven't decided about that yet.


More questions?