It is alive!
— "Slurp!" goes the Amoeba

"Monster Murder Mayhem" was the first co-production with our friend of the Wiesbaden English Language Theater (WELT) and was performed at the Georg-Buch-Haus in Wiesbaden.

A fun mix of detective fiction, campy horror and even campier science fiction - yes, it contained Episode 2 of "The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Clash Gordon and Gayle Garden", called "The Emperor Strikes Back"!


Kryptonite Radio Theater - Monster Murder Mayhem

Cast: Joseph Melicosta, Jerry Beatty, Barbara Lawes Breyman, Anita Kerat, Bobbie Lording, Steven Weber, Julee Mitchell, Diana Schupp, Charlotte Rafalski, Mat Braun, Earl Taylor, Roy Mroch, Stacey Groves, Gillian Ormerod and Colin Jackson.