Oh, thou indulgent Ping, most pitiless patriarch of
Pongo, supreme ruler of all the peoples of the new
planet, thy slaves salute thee.
— The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Clash Gordon and Gayle Garden

A true milestone in KRT history. Sci Fi Radio introduced for the first time one of our audience favorites: athletic, muscular, lean, strong, yet tender all American super athlete and interplanetary Hero: Clash Gordon!*

*...and his lovely companion, Gayle Garden. Evil Emperor Ping the Pitiless of Pongo, etc, etc, etc...


Kryptonite Radio Theater - Sci Fi Radio

Cast: Joseph Melicosta, Jerry Beatty, Jackie Leverett, Steven Weber, Stacey Groves, Karin Davis, Roy Mroch Julee Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Michelle Mitchell and Tracy Sherman.