Your feeble skills are no match for the power of Ping
the Pitiless, supreme ruler of the universe.
— Ping the Pitiless of Pongo

The first production in 2013 brought KRT to its new home base: the Alfons-Jung-Saal in Wiesbaden. A venue with a strange and quirky ground plan but impeccable accoustics seemed to suit our needs quite well.

And what more can we say... A show with such characters as Clash Gordon, Ping the Pitiless of Pongo, Buzz Corey, Sgt. Happy, Prince Bakkarati and Dr. Malengro simply *had* to be a success.

And it was.

Kryptonite Radio Theater - Tales of the Future

Cast: Joseph Melicosta, Pat Zuber, Jerry Beatty, Roy Mroch, Stacey Groves, Brian Buckley, Gillian Ormerod, Anna Gardner and Mat Braun.