Karin Cheves Davis

Karin first performed in a radio show in the sixth grade. She then went on to do high school theater and graduated with a Theater Arts/English degree from Virginia Tech. She pursued an acting career in Los Angeles (aka “waited tables in LA”) and met her husband (Stephen Alexander Davis) in 2004 in Washington, DC when they were both cast in “Duranged”, a collection of short plays by Christopher Durang. She also studied improvisational theater in Las Vegas with “The Second City” and “Improv Vegas”.
You may recognize her from Amelia Earhart Playhouse productions such as “Prelude to a Kiss”, “White Christmas”, “Bad Habits” and “Little Shop of Horrors”, the WELT (Wiesbaden English Language Theater) production of “Daddy’s Girl”, her “commercial work” on AFN, and her appearances in “General Chaos”, an English language improve group in Wiesbaden she is a founding member of.
For the KRT she appeared as “Gayle Garden” ( The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Clash Gordon and Gayle Garden), “Lucy Westenra” (Dracula), and “Princess Jasmine” (The Amazing Oriental Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor and Princess Jasmine).